ALEX WILCOX, perfect english lad

Alex Wilcox est né à Southampton, sur la côte sud de l’Angleterre.





Il vient de terminer l’université, où il a étudié la thérapie Sportive depuis trois ans.

Il a gagné en 2007 le concours de M. Model et du Urban UK male model 2007.

Il rêve d’avoir la couverture de Men’s Health by 2010 et celle du Vogue italien!

Pourquoi pas…

Myname is Alex Wilcox, my hometown is a city called Southampton, situated on the south coast of England. I live with my mother, Step-dad and 16 year old sister, all English. My Father is a South-African who now lives with my Half sisters in Western Australia. 

I have just finished university, where I studied Sports therapy for three years. I have now got a BA honors in Sports therapy. 

Professional and personally I love to socialize with people. That is why I like modeling so much as a job, I never know who im going to meet and work with which keeps things very interesting and fresh. Family and friends mean the world to me, I love to spend as much time as I can with my mates whether that be down the pub or at the gym. I like to keep fit, I am at the gym 5-6 times a week and enjoy many sports. 

One year ago the page three girls from the SPORT (NEWSPAPER) were doing a promotional shoot at my local pub. A lad kept trying to get into the pictures and I asked him why. He replied that he was a model. To be honest I looked at him and thought if he can do it and get good money then I should give it a go! 

Ive have not achieved anything near what I would like to! I am happy that this year I have won Mr Model and UK urban male model 2007. My ambitions are to be on the front cover of Men’s Health by 2010 and also be paid to be on the cover of Italian Vogue! 

Upsides I would say has got to be you are surrounded by beautiful people, the downside to that is some can be pretentious and fake! I love the fact im working with different people doing different things all the time! 

Alex myspace



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